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Crescent Moon Coffee :: Coffees :: El Salvador Los Milagros -Womens Owned Micro Lot-Organic\Bird Friendly

El Salvador Los Milagros -Womens Owned Micro Lot-Organic\Bird Friendly

El Salvador Los Milagros -Womens Owned Micro Lot-Organic\Bird Friendly
Roast: Medium
Flavor: Caramel, Chocolate, Red Fruit
Body: Complex, Approachable
Acidity: Radiant
El Salvador Los Milagros is located near the Santa Ana Volcano. The rich soil in which this coffee is cultivated is franc-limey-clayey. The plantation is about 21 hectares, producing about 1500 k of exportable coffee per year. The area is covered in shade trees, including mahogany, conacaste, conifers, cedar, bamboo and other native species. The shade prevents erosion and their cover keeps the soil constantly moist. Los Milagros protects the habitat of three bird species considered to be in extinction, the Mona Hen, Gray Sparrowhawk, and Chocoya. Many species come to nest on the plantation, from the Southern and Northern hemispheres. Los Milagros provides a nice habitat for migratory birds, with the shade trees that produce flowers, nectar and fruit and also provide a home for the insects that the birds feed on during winter. Three families live on the plantation; they work there throughout the year, in homes with water, electricity and facilities. Their children are able to attend a local school and they all have health coverage which is covered by the owners of the plantation. All of Los Milagros coffee is dried on patios made of clay bricks, which ensure a consistent temperature for 7-8 days. The organic production and processing methods produce a very high quality and consistent cup. This is a very well balanced coffee with a carmelly aroma and distinct flavors of Red Berries and Chocolate.
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Price: $6.95
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