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Black Teas


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Coconut Vanilla - 4.08 OZ
Indian Black tea with shredded coconut and vanilla
Weight: 4.08 OZ

Our price: $13.54
Decaf Black Currant - 3.70OZ
Decaf Black Tea with Blackcurrant
Weight: 3.70 OZ

Our price: $13.08
Decaf Earl Grey - 4.29 OZ
Water processed decaffeinated China black tea with oil of bergamot.
Weight: 4.29 OZ

Our price: $18.46
Decaf English Breakfast - 4.29 OZ
English Breakfast that has been decaffeinated
Weight: 4.29 OZ

Our price: $16.25
Decaf Vanilla-Black Tea - 3.82 OZ
Decaf Black Tea with Vanilla Beans
Weight: 3.82 OZ

Our price: $13.38
Earl Grey - 3.63 OZ
A medium-strength Earl Grey that can be enjoyed without milk. The organic Darjeeling tea lightens the liquor but still retains all the taste of bergamot.
Weight: 3.63 OZ

Our price: $13.88
English Breakfast - 3.21 OZ
A classic blend of robust black teas. Lighter than Irish Breakfast
Weight: 3.21 OZ

Our price: $11.50
Ginger Peach - 3.42 OZ
Black tea with ginger root and peach
Weight: 3.42 OZ

Our price: $12.42
Vanilla Almond Black Tea - 4.29 OZ
Black tea with bits of vanilla and Almond
Weight: 4.29 OZ

Our price: $15.13